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I am an experienced writer, able to work with creative marketing individuals or teams to turn their words into easy-to-understand copy.

In 2010 I was commissioned by Carolynn Rockefeller to write a 1,500-word introduction for a visitor information pack for her company penthouse apartment in Shad Thames, London, explaining the history of the area and the building to guests staying there.

I have written several non-fiction books, including some in a ‘Little Book’ series as well as Over London and Walk London. Have a look at the


website which showcases Walk London, a finalist in the Travel Press Awards. 

Whilst working in publishing I have written and produced in-house manuals for freelance authors, editors and designers.

During my time at Cheltenham & Gloucester Building Society/Lloyds TSB and Basingstoke College of Technology, I wrote and produced a variety of distance learning materials. As well as paper-based solutions, I was also responsible for writing scripts for audio, video and computer-based training.

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