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A Pitkin Guide by Gill Knappett of fifteen themed walks highlighting the best that London has to offer

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WALK LONDON's fifteen themed walks

Walk 1    Exploring the Embankment 

Walk 2    Capital History and Heritage

Walk 3    The City’s Sights and Delights   

Walk 4    Literary London   

Walk 5    West End Culture and Charm  

Walk 6    Horse Guards and Heroes

Walk 7    Royal Palaces, Parks and Pageantry   

Walk 8    West End Shoppers’ Paradise 

Walk 9    Kensington Palace and Gardens    

Walk 10   Knightsbridge, Kensington and a King’s Hunting Ground

Walk 11   Chelsea Characters and Chic 

Walk 12   A Princely Path to Primrose Hill 

Walk 13   Strolling the South Bank    

Walk 14   A Pirate’s Path to Docklands

Walk 15   Glorious Greenwich


sample map

This is a small section of the map for Walk 1.On this walk you exit Westminster Underground following the signs to the Houses of Parliament and soaring before you is one of London’s most famous landmarks – Big Ben. The tower that houses the great bell known as Big Ben is officially
called the Westminster Clock Tower.

Head away from the river up Bridge Street where you will see Parliament Square and a statue of Winston Churchill ahead of you. Go left here for the main entrance to the Houses of Parliament where you can attend debates and, usually by prior arrangement, tour the buildings and even climb Big Ben.

A royal palace was originally established
here by King Canute on the marshy ground
on the banks of the River Thames in the
11th century. The official name for the
Houses of Parliament is the New Palace
of Westminster. These fine buildings were
designed by Charles Barry as the result of
a competition, following a fire in 1834 that
demolished most of the Old Palace.

You can download a more comprehensive extract of Walk 1, showing more of the map and the fine illustrations.

DOWNLOAD extract of Walk 1