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I am an editor with over 20 years experience working for publishing houses, in finance and in education.

I have had great success editing fully illustrated guidebooks and other non-fiction publications. Particularly specialising in British history, heritage and the Royal Family, I have worked on everything from city guides and walking guides to biographies and gift books, editing to house style and in a variety of series styles.

My involvement has been with books for adults and children, and I am also experienced in working with language houses for books being translated into other languages.

In addition, I am an experienced picture researcher.

As senior editor at Pitkin Publishing I was also a project manager: commissioning authors, preparing schedules and page plans, producing picture lists, carrying out picture research, commissioning cartographers and photographers, working with designers and freelance staff – whatever it took to bring the project in on time and within budget.  This role also involved presenting to clients, listening to and responding to their needs. 

As well as editing text, I have a good eye for images, and am very comfortable giving feedback on how to improve photographs and artwork, whether colour or black and white. This ensures the quality of the images in illustrated books is as good as the material allows, enables me to talk knowledgeably with printers about colour reproduction and be competent when involved at the ‘press pass’ stage of projects.

I have a good knowledge of Microsoft Office and am happy to edit on paper or on-line, and am able to work from my office or yours.

This range of skills means I am able to see a project through from inception to conclusion, and am willing to work on a small part of your project or all of it – whatever suits you.

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